Aarin Asker

At UKHotJocks we always bring you the absolute cream of the porn crop, presenting Aarin Asker! Super cute, All American, muscled, hairy and hot! JP and he first met and found themselves to be instant friends, sharing a love of life and a penchant for older men. It was only a matter of time until we got him in the studio. Aarin is an absolute delight, fiercely passionate about music and Christina Aguilera super fan, note the 'Fighter' tattoo on his neck. Speaking of tatts, he's got a hot and fun collection of artistic and sexy tattoo covering his tanned, and hard gym trained body.
Though he may have a rugged and and tough exterior, he's an absolute sweetheart, kind and gentle. As well as a self professed power bottom! Welcome Aarin!!

Model Stats

Location San Diego, USA
Age 33
Height 5ft 8ins
Weight 50kg
Hair Short, black
Eyes Brown
Cock 8ins, cut
Role versatile/bottom
Orientation gay

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