It's fair to say Leander has to be one of the hottest ginger men in all of the land! He seldom does porn, the odd scene here and there for select studios which makes him even more rare a treasure. In fact one of the HotJocks team was so keen to get him for the studio he chatted and tracked him down for 2 years, now theres dedication! Back to the man and wow. Totally red hot in every sense, short ginger curls, beautifully pale skin and dark, deep brown eyes. Bloody stacked and in amazing physical condition, perfectly proportioned in every way. He's an adventurer from Australia originally, outdoorsy, confident and utterly and beguiling charming. Skyward pointing thick 8" dick and cute but ample bubble butt. Perfect proportions! Her's a real prize, a sweatheart and a gentleman. He totally embodies all things UKHotJocks.

Model Stats

Location London, England
Age 34
Height 5ft 9ins
Weight 78kg
Hair Short, red
Eyes Brown
Cock 8ins, uncut
Role versatile
Orientation gay

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