Teddy Torres

Sexy, sexy Teddy! All fuzzy and warm... with killer model looks, fiery attitude and packing more sexuality than 10 hot blooded men put together. If you like hot hairy guys, Teddy is the absolute pinnacle! Underneath the hirsute and muscular exterior is an absolute sweetheart of a man. Charming, friendly and very French, this hottie is totally endearing, hard and ready for action... Seriously I think he had a boner the entire time we we're shooting his scenes! He may be new but he's not inexperienced. He's an absolute sexual beast! Watch out for this one

Model Stats

Location Paris, Europe
Age 24
Height 5ft 11ins
Weight 84kg
Hair Short, black
Eyes Brown
Cock 8ins, uncut
Role top/versatile
Orientation gay

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