Hans Berlin

Charming and enthusiastic Hans has all the form, function and reliability of a German car but all the easy going and professional mind set of an American. His words not ours and we're completely inclined to agree! This German/US hybrid is a rare and exciting breed, loads of fun on set, he's a joke every minute but when it comes down to it he takes it very seriously and delivers a strong, sexual performance. Muscular like a tank, big chest, strong legs and a smile big enough to cross the Atlantic, he's a handsome friendly alpha jock, not intimidating at all. In fact he's rather sweet and welcoming, so here's a big HotJocks hallo Hans!

Model Stats

Location NYC, USA
Age 33
Height 5ft 10ins
Weight 87kg
Hair Cropped, blond
Eyes blue
Cock 8ins, uncut
Role versatile
Orientation gay

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