Anthony Naylor

Sweet and unassuming Anthony, bright eyes, big smile but underneath it all a total sexual animal! When he performs for the cameras he commands a full-on performance, continually moving his body in a fluid and very sexual way and has a great understanding of his own body. A dancer by trade, I guess all of that isn't very surprising! This guy was destined to have incredible sex on film, gorgeous jock-boy body, cute facial features and an absolute whopper of a cock, Thick, 8.5" and seriously weighty looking, we're glad he's 70% top. Although spin him round and behold, a perfect bubble butt! We're also glad theres room for him to bottom. A perfect versatile performer, what a guy!

Model Stats

Location Liverpool, England
Age 25
Height 5ft 8ins
Weight 72kg
Hair Short, Dark Brown
Eyes Brown
Cock 8ins, uncut
Role top/versatile
Orientation gay

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