Dmitry Osten

Exotic, super sexy, extremely boyish and masculine at the same time, Dmitry Osten is a gorgeous and rare gem from Russia. Living in Moscow he said our British winter weather was lovely and warm! Just remember that fellow Brits, next time we complain! Out of those frozen lands come a guy so warm of heart, sweet and with an absolutely radiant smile. As well as his pretty features and charming demeanour he co-exists with a flithy, nasty bad-boy attitude to sex... we may have found the perfect man! As well as ALL of that going on, he's versatile, cute butt, thick and tall standing 8.5" cock and sexy as fuck young muscle body, Dmitry has it all going on! Can we keep him, please?

Model Stats

Location Moscow, Europe
Age 25
Height 5ft 11ins
Weight 76kg
Hair Short, Dark Brown
Eyes Brown
Cock 9ins, uncut
Role versatile
Orientation gay

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