Andro Maas

Andro is a total fireball of a red head. Proving that ginger is definitely having a re-evaluation as the hottest shade a man can be. Charming, sweet and 100% cheeky Andro is a local guy and a friend of the studio, we know how much of an exhibitionist he is! It was only a matter of time until we got him. He's sporty, slutty, versatile, hung and fuzzy in all the right places. Deep blue eyes and a smile to make you melt, Andro is having a Maas effect on us here at UKHotJocks.

Model Stats

Location Manchester UK, England
Age 25
Height 5ft 8ins
Weight 70kg
Hair Short, red
Eyes blue
Cock 8ins, uncut
Role top/versatile
Orientation gay

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