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Date: February 17, 2017

Credit has to be given to Sam Barclay for being the brainchild behind this one, he’s a personal lover of big toys and wanted to put this in movie form. Plus we each got to indulge ourselves with the last couple off HardGear movies, I (JP) got to make rough and tough AGGRO and this is Sam’s personal endeavour, STUFFD and boy oh boy was there some stuffing going on! The lovely guys at Crackstuffers provided us with a very big box of very big toys, to make the boys nervous, well some of them! Luckily we had a few big dildo and fist aficionados such as Gaston and the man himself, Sam. All the guys looked sickeningly hot in the CellBlock13 gear (again, thanks guys!) and so the action flowed! Lots of intensity, all manor of limits being pushed and some of the hardest scenes we’ve done to date. The directors, myself (JP) and Sam had a good chat with all the guys after their fine work was done, to see how they got on and what they thought of their scenes. We think you’ll agree it was a hell of an experience!