Max Duro

Big and hairy with a beard like a lumberjack you might think that Max Duro would be scary or intimidating, literally the polar opposite of his personality! He has to be one of the warmest, friendliest guys we've ever met and one of the hardest working. He's a big live show performer and travels all over Europe and further doing sex shows, more recently he's been getting into the porn side of sex work and it's safe to say he's a natural! Totally versatile, beefy hairy butt and a big, beer can THICK cock, in fact it might even be thicker than that! If you like 'em hung and hairy, he's your man!

Model Stats

Location Bologna, Italy,
Age 26
Height 6'1"
Weight 85kg
Hair , shaved
Cock 7.5",
Role versatile
Orientation gay

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