Frankie Quinn

Cute fun and hella hung Frankie Quinn joins the cast of UKHotJocks! Dark hair, bearded tall and lean with abs for days and a meaty 8.5" cock. Frankie was originally a webcam model and a very successful one at that. So when he came to us he was aware of things like lighting and posturing and though he'd never done a professional shoot before he was a total natural and set the cameras on fire! He's absolutely covered in brightly coloured, wicked tattoos. Deadpool, Wolverine and Batman emblazoned on his arms and body, he's obviously a fan and committed to the artwork. I'm sure Frankie won't mind me telling you that he's bisexual and has a girlfriend, who is well aware of him doing gay porn and from what he tells us, they have a pretty interesting sex life! Welcome Frankie!

Model Stats

Location Cambridge, UK,
Age 23
Height 5'10"
Weight 73kg
Hair , Dark Brown
Eyes Hazel
Cock 8.5",
Role bottom/vers
Orientation bi sexual

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