Tyson Tyler

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Date: January 10, 2014

This stunning, dark skinned guy is electrifyingly hot! Tyson couldn't wait to get into our locker room and start playing with some toys. First he slowly strips revealing his sexy tattoos and ripped body, down to his jock strap. Pinching his nipples and rubbing his crotch he starts to get hard. Angling for a medium/large sized double tier dildo he gets to work on his arse. Laying down sideways on the bench he takes the smaller top nodule first, warming himself up, pulling the device in and out. He secures the toy flat on the bench and straddles over it so he can force that second big lump up there, deeply groaning as he does. Clearly enjoying the friction, he pulls the whole thing out then stuffs it back in again and again. Giving his hole a rest he gets comfortable, growls and groans before spunking into his hand.