Robbie Rojo

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Date: September 18, 2015

Sultry and cute Robbie tells us a little back story of himself, mixed nationality of American and Spanish, single but happy and loves masculine, muscular guys, if they happen to have a big dick and a great ass all the better! Starting the action off with a quick pump-up workout, he works his chest, biceps and triceps. Press ups and tricep dips get the blood flowing and his perfectly tight muscles flexed before he strips off for the cameras. Tearing off his neon green vest and peeling down his sporty shorts over his awesome buns, he can't wait to get out his goods and show off! Springing out his enormous cock, this boy has some impressive proportions! He may be short but he's absolutely packing in the front and the back. A perfect versatile guy, just how could you choose between either side of newly minted porno-boy coin? He shows off his hole to the camera, entirely edible! Turning around and whacking off that massive 8" cock, ever so slightly curved, perfect for gripping and for deep-throating. He relaxes and beats off, spraying his load wherever it lands.