Max London

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Date: March 16, 2018

Sweet and southern Max London is eager and ready to get down to business in the locker room in his red footie kit. Laying back on the bench he feels his own smooth skin through the silky fabric of the shorts and shirt. Stripping off his top, he’s lean tanned and toned, tugging on the waistband of his shorts, showing off the jockstrap beneath. The shorts come down and he turns around to show off his delicious smooth arse, licking his flingers and sliding them up his tight young fuck-hole, warming himself up for what’s to come later in the show. Leaning against some lockers now the boy is hard, getting his meaty cock out to wank and work slowly. He can’t wait any longer and pulls a massive blue dildo with a big handle on it, out of a locker. He lubes up, bands over and starts to work the big bulbous head into his hole. Pushing and pushing his warmed up hole accepts the toy and he groans loudly. He may be young but he’s a pro at this! Woking his hole open, pulling the toy in and out, gripping the handle hard, he’s smashing his own hole! Laying back he works one the depth, pushing as deep into his guts as he can manage. He’s loving it! Working himself up to cumming, all that ass play means he shoots a big creamy load!