Josh Milk

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Date: June 24, 2016

Sweet little Josh is a sexual beast! We flew him in from Barcelona to chat about his life, what he gets up to out of porn and more importantly, to watch him get his Spanish rocks off! ‘Gym, beach, parties and porn are his life’… sign us up! He sure sounds comfortable in the life he’s created for himself, he’s a very relaxed and easy going guy. Sexy and stern Josh not only glares down the camera, he bores into your soul, planting a lustful seed that compels you to keep watching. Chiseled features, dark eyes and a rocking body are also key factors to keep your eyes glued to the screen! Taking it slow and sensually his hands wanderer over his body and his American football shorts, creating a bulge that just can’t be contained. Lifting his hefty cock out of his pants, he’s rock solid, thick and veiny. Beating off, flexing and pursing his full lips, he flickers his eyes to camera, staring hard. Strokes get faster, breath gets shorter and his dick pulses!