Jace Tyler

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Date: August 8, 2014

Energetic Jace can't wait to dive into the locker room, get his gear off and get horned up for the cameras. The boy can hardly sit still with excitement! Getting into himself, rubbing every inch of his sexy clothed body, stripping the gear off and tenting his underwear so much he might tear them. All the while giving us THAT look, you know the one we mean, the really filthy one.
Springing his indomitable dick out of his boxers and taking a huge whiff of his used undies you'd think he was a happy boy, not enough, the toys come out and his arse gets filled! Easing in, building up the pace and using his trainer as a jackhammer to thwack it in deeper. Jace takes you on a solo ride like no other, strap in!