Billy Rock

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Date: December 10, 2015

Young and adorable Billy will Rock your world, or at least your bed! Fresh faced, twinkly eyed and totally keen he's ready to dive head first into porn and get his rocks off for you. Super tall, lean with a gorgeously defined and smooth body, he's got all the goods going on. Ginger on top but none of the other features associated, not a freckle in sight on his perfect skin.
We get down to it, rubbing his sports wear and getting hard in his shorts, jock strap peeking out of the top. Up he stands tall against the lockers, his head clearing the top, just as a scale rule! He glares down at the camera lens with those massive anime eyes.. We bet he uses those to get what he wants on occasion! Getting hard and getting out, his thick slab of lean meat in his hand beating off, bending over to show off his hole and sliding a few fingers in there, groaning as he does. He's ready to shoot his spunk so lays down, plays with his hole a bit more and splat!!