Aarin Asker

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Date: December 28, 2018

Sexy, cheeky and downright stunning bloke Aarin Asker is full of surprises. Representing full on American charm and big broad smiles he tells us a little about his personal likes and dislikes. Emblazoned across his short cut tee is 'Daddy's Boy', we don't have to guess what kinds of guys he goes for! Living in sunny San Diego, he's come over to the UK to visit JP and do some hot fuckin' porn! So lets start, A hairy, tanned and defined section of his abs, exposed between a blue and white cropped t-shirt and jock combo writhes and is pulled around by his own groping hands. Nipples tugged, fur stroked, groans very audible. Aarin is seriously getting into himself, which is just what we like! an initial smattering of tattoos turns into a bigger collection of cool body art when the tee comes off, sweetly staring into the camera lens he flashes a very dirty-boy look, then delves his hands into his jock pouch. Getting hard and getting out, he strokes the full length of his hardening cock. Not satisfied yet, he goes to a nearby locker and pulls out a big, black and shiny curious looking toy. It's a big 'ol cock pump! Lubing up and sliding in, he looks through the clear plastic into the camera as he makes the first few pumps. Air constricting, dick inflating and physical tension seriously building, he groans as he feels the tightness of the pump, engorging his fat cock. leaving the device on, then pumping a little more, he does it as much as he can take before he's gotta release himself! Big sighs of relief, he's glad to get his hands back on his cock but hornier that ever! Doing some pumping of his own he brings himself off, spraying his thick creamy load over the black bench.