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Logan & Brute

04 Nov


Date: December 16 2016

Cottaging or cruising mens toilets is as old of a British tradition as afternoon tea, bank holidays or steak and kidney pie! Sometimes there is no other reason to visit the loo than to go scouring for some cock! Occasionally a mens room gets a reputation for cruising, hence the ‘cottage’. Fresh faced and eager Jock boy Anthony Naylor has been here before, he walks in tentatively, systematically checking each stall on his way to the urinal, no opportunity missed, he is alone, so he parks up in a prime spot and waits for for whomever might troll through the door and join him. Luckily for him total stud Matt Anders is on the same mission. Never 100% sure of a guys intentions, Anthony quickly tries to hide his already hard cock, standing at the urinal as Matt passes him. They glimpse at each other over shoulders, missing each others gaze but just enough to see heads moving to and from their respective directions. They want each other. Turning to face one another, they are already in a tight space, not much room to move. Slowly stubble rubs, lips lock and crotches grind. Pressed together their eyes still slowly flicker up and down, sizing each other up whilst feeling each others body heat. Anthony is first to drop to his knees, servicing blonde stud Matt and making him groan. As Anthony looks up at Matt with those wide, pretty eyes, cock in mouth, he’s reminded why this is so much fun! Bending over, gripping onto the urinal he gets ready to take matt’s cock, pushing back into him, relaxing and releasing pressure by accepting him into his arse. Arching back and fucking hard, both feet taking each the corner of the troff letting him go deeper than before.



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