Jake Cullen for UKHotJocks

12 Dec 2013

Our feature model this month is the sexy, unique Jake Cullen.

Handsome as hell and full of cheeky Irish charm, Jake is a newbie to porn and ONLY features on UKHotJocks. You’ve already seen him in OriFFICE Junior | I Quit and this Friday will see the release of his Locker Jock Solo.

We think you’ll agree, he’s a stunning guy, a great performer and not to blow our own trumpet… a great find by the UKHotJocks team! Expect to see a lot more of this stud in the coming months.


Announcing our new movie | OriFFICE Junior

30 Nov 2013

Hi guys and gals! You may have noticed in the home page a new movie popping up, OriFFICE Junior. (do you see what we did there?)

The feature-length trailer is now live you so can have a peek at it before the first scene is released next Friday. Hot cast, sexy scenarios ending in a big orgy, December is gonna be a happy month!

We had SUCH fun making this movie, some scenes were pretty risky.. and we even got in trouble for shooting them (namely the first scene, shot on a city rooftop!) but it was totally worth it. Seth Knight heads up a smouldering hot cast featuring some newbies for us and the porn world. Check out the full feature trailer!

If only all offices were like this one!


JP xx

Meet our models!

18 Nov 2013

You may or may not have noticed the ‘meet the model’ video box on each of the models profile pages. Up until now these have contained nothing BUT you’ll start to notice these filling up with fun, short behind the scenes interviews. They’re always shot right after the boys have done a scene. The first to be released is Shane Frost and Pablo Nunez

Check it out!

James Carter, Hot Horny & Straight?

3 Nov 2013

This week sees the release of James Carter | LockerJock

As our only gay for pay performer featuring on UKHotJocks, this release has sparked up a common debate about supposedly straight men in the gay industry.

Firstly, I’d like to start with saying that James is a lovely gent, a fun and hard working performer not to mention a stunningly handsome bloke. If you like young, beefy muscle guys, then you’ll be all over Mr Carter! I genuinely haven’t a bad word to say about this guy. You’ll be seeing a lot more of him on UKHotJocks, hurrah - and yes, he really is straight!

So why is this straight man having gay sex I hear you cry? This simple truth and perhaps industry secret is in the moniker, gay-for-pay. Straight men in straight porn are, over-all, the lowest paid of all the mixed industries performers, that’s why many of them turn to doing gay work.. and why shouldn’t they? It’s all a days work either way, they get paid much better and maybe I’m generalising here but don’t all men enjoy the company of other men? Sex or no sex is beside the point. If they have the ability to perform, act and be realistic why shouldn’t we embrace these guys. After all, it’s many a gay guys fantasy. 

Bringing me to another point, I don’t take on straight performers unless they are able and willing to go all the way. HotJocks is not a straight fantasists studio website so all performers are aware they must have realistic sex. Wether they are top, bottom or versatile is irrelevant as everyone has a personal preference, but they must submit to doing at least one of the aforementioned roles. 

If they’re good at doing what they do, why should people get so bent out of shape about it (no pun intended!)?

Admire, enjoy and whack off to this sexy stud, he’s equally as much a show off as any of our other jocks. Let him, join him! wink

JP Dubois xx

New movie | CLUB

24 Oct 2013

The second instalment of new movie CLUB will be released later on today (25th Oct) Featuring Marco Sessions and Gio Cruz in a hot toilet fuck! There was some amazing chemistry between these guys so it’s definitely one to watch!

The movie stars Shane Frost, Miles Racer, Marco Sessions, Gio Cruz, Jake Reed and Pablo Nunez. One seriously hot cast!

Behind the scenes with Zac West & Junior Price

24 Sep 2013

We had such fun getting Junior Price back in the studio after a long absecne. He’d always proven to be such a great performer. Coupled with newbie Zac West this was going to be one hell of a hot shoot! Enjoy some of the behind the scenes shots & Vine videos before the feature is released.





Something to enjoy until the movie is released!

JP & Sam xx


Boss, the story so far.

1 Sep 2013

So JP has inflicted his own special brand of punishment on Issac, by taking him to a deserted warehouse and fucking him hard over his executive ride. What happened after that is anyones guess!

In the second episode we find out exactly what Issac did to betray him, a covert deal, a suitcase swap with a mystery man. Troy was unaware of Issac’s diversion. Being new to the business he did what he was told, including getting a hard shagging from Issac in their plush hotel suite! What the boss doesn’t know won’t hurt him, right?

The 3rd instalment is in a couple of weeks, It’s about to get rougher, tougher and even more exciting. STAY TUNED!

Coming soon - BOSS

7 Aug 2013

Hi guys, I’m very excited to tell you that our first blockbuster release is on it’s way! BOSS is a dark movie with a great plot full of twists and turns and stars yours truly (that’s me, JP) as it’s protagonist smile

Don’t take my word for it, check out the action packed full feature trailer right here. I think you’ll agree we really upped our game production wise. Expect a lot more of this type quality movie from us in the future.

The first scene ‘The Interrogation’ is released on the 16 of August.

Enjoy the trailer!

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